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i’m Anol DasGupta

Organic Harvest

Branding - Identity - Graphic Design


This is a website with a specific target audience, considering the womens who are basically concerned about organic ailments for their skin treatment. So with all my user research and used cases, I prepare the personas, then begin with wireframes accordingly in Balsamiq and then finished the Mockups.

Then I present the developers a low fidelity prototype in balsamiq only along with the information architecture.

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Mr. Dependable

I found him a reliable worker & a good designer. Through his deep understanding of user study and user research he brings in great value to any design team. It is tough to find people with a questioning mind that Anol has. I would highly recommend him for a good design & research role anywhere and wish him sucess.

Ashutosh Shukla - UI/UX Designer @ SoLoMo Media

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